About Cassandra

Cassandra Poertner is a graphic designer from DeLand, Florida who makes a living by helping people communicate their messages in beautiful ways. With 18 years of professional experience, she has a passion for great design and the experience to back it up.

6 Designs You Need to Promote Your Next Event

Pet peeves—we all have them. For some, it might be loud chewing or writing “your” when what you really mean is “you are”. For me, it’s seeing a perfectly good flyer get cropped, stretched or

5 Lessons I Learned from an Abusive Client

As a fledgling freelancer, I took on a job to design a new logo for a client I’ll refer to as Mr. Fantastic. Mr. Fantastic was a very difficult man to please. I poured my

July 4th Weekend

The 4th of July fell on a three day weekend this year, which I loved because it meant three full days of celebrating instead of trying to crowd everything into one. We decorated a wagon

A Visit to the Orlando Science Center

Several times a year, my parents like to collect all the grandkids and take them for a few days of organized fun. During this most recent reunion, I was excited to crash their visit to the Orlando

The Myth of Going Paperless

What if I told you that you could print this article without feeling guilty for killing a tree? And what if I told you that by printing this article, you are actually encouraging the growth of

A Week of Celebrations

These past few days have been filled with roller coasters, of both the literal and emotional variety. My babies are growing up, and as such, we spend much of this time of year celebrating the

A Freelancer’s Guide to Surviving the Summer

Today marks the first day of summer vacation in Volusia County, and for those of us who are both freelancers and parents, this typically means we need to find ways to spend more quality time with our

Wandering the Wizarding World

Ever since Katie read the Harry Potter series last year, she has been BEGGING us to take her to the Wizarding World at nearby Universal Studios. So you could imagine her excitement when, on

How to Communicate with your Designer and Get a Logo You’ll Love

Your logo—arguably the single most important piece of marketing material your business will need. It’s the first impression you will give your potential customers and the foundation for all your future promotional work. As a

An Announcement

I am thrilled to announce the relaunch of my website at www.CassandraPoertner.com! In its previous incarnation, my website was a virtual resume to share my design experience and a few samples of work with prospective clients. With this new launch, it

Girl’s Night Out

If there's one thing my girlfriends love, it's an excuse to dress up. So the stars aligned when the DeLand Junior Service League threw a 1940's themed Pinups and Patriots event on the same week

Our Williamsburg Vacation

It had been more than 3 years since we last took off on a real vacation. Between my bedrest pregnancy with Grayson, juggling life with a new baby, then saving up for and purchasing


Our weekends get crazy busy these days, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. This Saturday we stopped downtown for some breakfast before we met Josh out at Lake Beresford for DeLand's annual "Anything That

Disappearing Island

Just off the coast of Ponce Inlet, Florida, lies is a small island that comes and goes with the tide. It is a Mecca for local boaters who come to relax and play every weekend. We hitched

Grayson Chat

I know he won't stay little forever, but at least I can freeze this video in time.