About Cassandra

Cassandra Poertner is a graphic designer from DeLand, Florida who makes a living by helping people communicate their messages in beautiful ways. With 18 years of professional experience, she has a passion for great design and the experience to back it up.

Josh’s Birthday

It was Josh's birthday, so we made a cake. And then we ate the cake. And then we ate another cake.

DeLand Bike Rally 2016

Each year, Downtown DeLand welcomes thousands of bikers who roll into town from nearby Daytona's Bike Week. And I rarely turn down an opportunity to put a doo rag on a toddler and parade him downtown.

Hontoon Island

Where DeLand meets the St. John River lies Hontoon Island State Park. Accessible by a courtesy ferry, the park is a wonderful (and free!) way to spend a morning communing with nature.