The 3 biggest mistakes you’ll make after making a big mistake.

Once upon a time, I was enjoying a salad at our local Friendly’s (now closed) when I discovered half of a caterpillar in my bowl. I politely waved over our waitress. “Excuse me,” I said,

The Introvert’s Guide to Networking: 10 Ways to Network Like a Pro

As my family made our way downtown to Artisan Alley, we stopped in to greet a friend who started tending bar on the weekends. A born extrovert, my 3 year old son had no problem

Why finding a Graphic Designer is a lot like finding a Good Hairdresser

Every business needs graphic design. Whether you’re selling taxidermy mouse art on Etsy or you have a brick and mortar downtown, you need a way to let people identify your goods or services as being

My Top 6 Freelancing Tips from 2016

Well, the holidays are officially over. The confetti and pine needles have all been swept up, and my Christmas decorations are now in the garage, just waiting to bring up to the attic. (Fingers crossed