The 3 biggest mistakes you’ll make after making a big mistake.

Once upon a time, I was enjoying a salad at our local Friendly’s (now closed) when I discovered half of a caterpillar in my bowl. I politely waved over our waitress. “Excuse me,” I said,

The Introvert’s Guide to Networking: 10 Ways to Network Like a Pro

As my family made our way downtown to Artisan Alley, we stopped in to greet a friend who started tending bar on the weekends. A born extrovert, my 3 year old son had no problem

Why finding a Graphic Designer is a lot like finding a Good Hairdresser

Every business needs graphic design. Whether you’re selling taxidermy mouse art on Etsy or you have a brick and mortar downtown, you need a way to let people identify your goods or services as being

My Top 6 Freelancing Tips from 2016

Well, the holidays are officially over. The confetti and pine needles have all been swept up, and my Christmas decorations are now in the garage, just waiting to bring up to the attic. (Fingers crossed

That Girl

You know that girl who shows up on your Facebook feed, constantly bragging about how #blessed her life is? The one who visits the farmers market every week to pick up locally grown vegetables for

On Self Doubt.

This evening, a colleague of mine sent me an email asking if she could nominate me for Daytona Beach News-Journal's 40 Under 40 Business Award. She said she thought of me because of the time I've donated

Ice Cream Ticket Giveaway!

My birthday is this Monday, and to celebrate I'll be giving away a pair of tickets to Mainstreet DeLand's Ice Cream Walk! The event will take place next Friday, September 16th, and features unique ice cream

Photoshop Friday: It’s a Twister!

Local schools have been canceled today thanks to Hurricane Hermine, so I thought it would be fitting to do something storm-related for this week's Photoshop Friday. This race photo of Audra and her mother Betty was perfect! Don't

Photoshop Friday: Chef Harry

I laughed out loud when I scrolled through the Photoshop Friday submissions and found this picture of sweet Harry. Between his expression and his wardrobe, I could not resist creating this scene. Thanks again to everyone

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Marketing Budget? (5 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer)

If you’re reading this, chances are that you understand the importance of marketing when it comes to your business success. But have you considered the impact that working with a freelancer could have to the

Photoshop Friday

Earlier this week I announced my first Photoshop edit giveaway, and I was thrilled with the response! There were so many great photos, and each one immediately got my wheels turning. It was hard to choose just one,

Photoshop Magic and a Giveaway!

A set of images recently made the news when a father brought his sleeping princess to visit the Evil Queen at Disney, and then used Photoshop to create an image that could have come straight from a

6 Designs You Need to Promote Your Next Event

Pet peeves—we all have them. For some, it might be loud chewing or writing “your” when what you really mean is “you are”. For me, it’s seeing a perfectly good flyer get cropped, stretched or

5 Lessons I Learned from an Abusive Client

As a fledgling freelancer, I took on a job to design a new logo for a client I’ll refer to as Mr. Fantastic. Mr. Fantastic was a very difficult man to please. I poured my

The Myth of Going Paperless

What if I told you that you could print this article without feeling guilty for killing a tree? And what if I told you that by printing this article, you are actually encouraging the growth of