This evening, a colleague of mine sent me an email asking if she could nominate me for Daytona Beach News-Journal’s 40 Under 40 Business Award. She said she thought of me because of the time I’ve donated to a some local organizations and a few exciting things I’ve been working on to grow my business (more on that to come).

A year ago, my first thought would have been that there’s no way I’d win a prestigious award like that so it’d be weird to even try. Maybe next year, after I accomplish a little bit more.

However, I’ve made a real effort in recent months to get out of my office every once in awhile so tonight my first thought was…

…well, pretty much the same as it would have been a year ago. BUT, once I had a chance to let the idea sink it, it really didn’t seem all that far-fetched.  Besides, I’ll no longer be “Under 40” come next September so it’s now or never!

As an introvert who has worked from a home office for the past decade or so, putting myself “out there” has not been an easy thing. But each time I make the effort it gets a little less scary, and I always come away from it feeling a little more confident and a lot more inspired. So here’s to getting outside my comfort zone, ignoring the doubtful voices in my head, and embracing new opportunities in 2017!