What if I told you that you could print this article without feeling guilty for killing a tree?

And what if I told you that by printing this article, you are actually encouraging the growth of more trees?

It’s true that there was once a time that the harvest of timber created a true environmental threat in North America, but deforestation has now given way to tree farms and sustainable forests. Sustainability is crucial to the future of the paper industry, so for every tree harvested, several are planted in its place. These forests are then carefully managed to prevent damage from fires, disease and insects.

In short, when you use more paper, they plant more trees.

Paper is also one of the most renewable and recyclable resources on the planet (unlike the device you are using to read this article and the energy that goes into powering it). While the carbon footprint associated with information technology is rapidly growing, the forest industry and paper mills have been working hard to produce their own energy and reduce their carbon footprint.


So, why the push to go paperless?

While it’s a myth that using paper is bad for the environment, there are still valid reasons for companies to go paperless—namely cost and convenience. By having customers pay bills online or sending newsletters via email, there is a huge savings on the cost of material, printing and postage. Saving money just doesn’t have the same ring to it as saving the environment, so making the commitment to go green and save the planet makes more sense from a PR standpoint.


The way we consume media will continue to change as technology advances. But rest assured that the world of print is alive and working towards a greener tomorrow!