A set of images recently made the news when a father brought his sleeping princess to visit the Evil Queen at Disney, and then used Photoshop to create an image that could have come straight from a storybook.


After(Credit: KimJohnSkill)

The picture reminded me of some images I’ve created for my own children over the years. I often have clients request that I work my Photoshop “magic” on their projects, but there are times when working in Photoshop can be truly magical.


(My daughter Katie during her How to Train Your Dragon obsession)

So I decided to have some fun with my social media followers in the form of a Photoshop Magic giveaway!

Simply visit this post on my facebook page, and comment with a photo of yours that you’d love to have Photoshopped. At the end of the week, I’ll select one image to share on the inaugural Photoshop Friday! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook while you’re there. If things go well, this could be a weekly thing!

Now go search through your images or snap something new, and get as creative or wacky as you’d like with your requests. Whether it’s turning your wedding photo into a dreamscape, making your kitten a pink unicorn, or swapping out an ex for your celebrity crush, the sky is the limit to what we can create!