Once you`ve logged into your account via a compatible browser, you can be logged in for up to 60 days. You also have access to certain psN-related websites and third-party services without having to log in. This only applies to the web browser you used when you signed up. All users should protect their login credentials and passwords to prevent use by other users. If you log into your account on a device that can be shared for others, be sure to opt out of your account at the end of each session. If you don`t log out, others can access your account and perform actions on your behalf without knowing your password. 4.2. Your child must meet certain age requirements when you create an account for them. For more information on creating and managing accounts for children`s family members on PSN, visit www.playstation.com/support. 12.2. Closing or terminating your account or console by YOU. We may suspend or terminate a PSN account or PlayStation device or indefinitely suspend or suspend online access to certain network features or services in the event of a violation of this Agreement, or if this is reasonably necessary to protect our PSN users, partners, platform or other YOU interests.

SCEA can offer you the ability to purchase a wide range of content, including game-specific items, video content, comics and games and subscriptions. All content is provided by SCEA, including content created or published by third parties. Third parties can manage access to certain content, including delivery, gameplay or customer service. In order for third parties to grant you such access, SCEA must provide you with your personal data. If you do not accept that we may share your personal data with third parties to give you access to the content of Sony`s online services, you cannot participate in Sony Online Services. To access certain content, you may need to accept additional terms of use specific to the content of SCEA or a third-party company (“Terms of Use”). Despite another agreement, in the event of a conflict between this Contract and the Terms of Use or other Terms related to Sony Online Services or a disc-based product used with PSN, this agreement is under control. 4.7. Parental security sets other restrictions on your child`s behalf, including control of communication functions and online accessibility. You can find more information about parental control on your account settings pages and in our online user manuals.