If you’re reading this, chances are that you understand the importance of marketing when it comes to your business success. But have you considered the impact that working with a freelancer could have to the quality and ease of your next campaign?

Freelance graphic designers take your ideas and turn them into professional, print-ready files that can be used in any application. All you have to do is forward the completed files to your printer of choice, publication, or upload them to your social media accounts.


The Cost
Let’s go ahead and tackle this one first. Because freelancers have very little overhead, they can provide the same caliber work that you’d find at a high end design firm at about the same rate you’d pay for the in-house artist of your local print shop or publication.


Your Image
Quality promotional material tells prospective customers that you’ll deliver quality service. It makes your marketing stand out and communicates your message effectively. In short, professional material makes YOU look more professional.


It’s Personal
When you hire a freelancer, you’re working directly with the person who creates your designs rather than depending on a salesperson or account manager to relay your vision. What’s more, each project is a direct reflection on the artist, and our success is directly dependent on yours.


Brand Consistency
A good brand is well thought out and built over time, and the imagery and typography you use in your promotional material should support your brand. By using one source for all your design needs, you are working with someone who commits to understanding your brand and keeping the implementation of it consistent.


Save Time
Your time is valuable, and establishing a relationship with a freelancer means you have someone on your team who not only understands your brand, but knows your personal preferences and how you like to work. This can save you a lot of time since new art requests become easy and are usually spot-on at the first proof.


All Freelancers are Not Created Equal
While there are a lot of seasoned designers who choose freelancing as a full-time career, many do it on the side for extra income, as a hobby, or are novices looking for experience. These freelancers might be a good option for individuals with little or no budget, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

When it comes to entrusting your business to a freelancer, it’s important to choose one who has studied design, has years of experience, and provides recommendations and samples of their work. These designers should have no problem keeping up with your project management, they create files that printers will not have issues with, and will be there for you for years to come!


Choosing the right freelance graphic designer can improve your image and make your life easier at little or no extra cost. If you’d like to see how I can help your business or organization, contact me today!